SENTIENT IT Systems started off with a web-server business for designing, hosting and maintaining websites for its clients. At a later date, it started developing web applications to address the specific needs of its clients. Today the company owns a few industry demanded web products viz.,, the Task Management Software,, the Recruitment and job search Portal,, an Interactive Feedback and Market Research Portal, etc. The product lineup was created with an intention to support the growing organization needs to minimize the operational challenges.

Half of a task gets done through a well-planned human resource and the remaining half is automatically done if their productivity is ensured. Understanding this well, we have created TAP (Time, Attendance and Productivity) a web application which ensures all the above with convenient work hours, working from remote locations along with other important features of HR management. Click Here

Healthier the relationship with your customer, wealthier is the sign of your growing. is an interactive consumer portal aimed at creating an effective consumerism. This is a customer – to – Business (C2B) portal cast as a connecting bridge between the manufacturer and consumer. List your products with us and start receiving feedback from your valuable customers with the click of a button.  Create a new market survey of any kind to know your audience, understand their behaviour and strategically approach the market to ultimately result in expanding the product life cycle. Click Here

Ease the strain of recruiting the right resource for the right job. This can be achieved flawlessly by the employer when he manages his HR requirement through us.  Our innovative modules and pricing can be the best match for efficiency and affordability. Maintain records of every single applicant in your organization, access up-to-date resumes of all applicants at any given time, use the online database as your company’s talent bank! Head to the site now to hire candidates faster. Click Here