Sentient IT Systems Private Limited is an Indian onshore software development company that strategically seeks to align with corporate entities to deliver better results, faster and more cost-effective. We do this by leveraging a proven software development template that drills deep and moves around our chosen vertical with great agility. This fathom-deep-and-dance mobility is part of our DNA, the core to our business models, and engrained in all our technical processes. With a decade long experience as technology tantric under our belt, we understand what it requires to derive efficiency and output for our clients and we make this a priority for every project, especially in the hospitality sector. For instance, we have hands-on experience in consulting and creating fully covered Hotel Management Applications, Restaurant Management Software (PoS), inventory & Billing software. Besides these products, we have also assisted many SME companies to setup, backed them up with their own IT back office, and consulted them continuously to create customized software solutions for their distinct needs.