Sentient IT Systems Private Limited is an Indian onshore software development company that strategically seeks to align with corporate entities to deliver better results, faster and more cost-effective. We do this by leveraging a proven software development template that drills deep and moves around our chosen vertical with great agility. This fathom-deep-and-dance mobility is part of our DNA, the core to our business models, and engrained in all our technical processes. With a decade long experience as technology tantric under our belt, we understand what it requires to derive efficiency and output for our clients and we make this a priority for every project, especially in the hospitality sector. For instance, we have hands-on experience in consulting and creating fully covered Hotel Management Applications, Restaurant Management Software (PoS), inventory & Billing software. Besides these products, we have also assisted many SME companies to setup, backed them up with their own IT back office, and consulted them continuously to create customized software solutions for their distinct needs.

Sentient IT Systems is helmed and quarterbacked with entrepreneurs and thought leaders whose deep understanding of people, products and priorities ensures a close and collaborative working relationship with their clients throughout the life of a project and beyond. The end result is that they profit from the market’s highest quality products with the lowest cost of engagement.

At Sentient IT Systems, we look forward today to penetrate and position our cutting-edge products not only in the Backend As A Service (BaaS) market, but also cater to the domestic and global market in the Software As A Service (SaaS) cloud space. On this idea we have developed a series of software products in online recruitment and job search portal, data analytics and market research and work task management application, to name a few.

Balaji V.Parthsarathy

Bala, a management graduate from New Hampshire University, School of Business, USA, (Indian Chapter) believes in assuming direct ownership of original ideas and responsibilities and taking them forward passionately. When it comes to identifying niche needs and developing bespoke software solutions for the selected few in the corporate world, his keen powers of observation into systems and how they work (or, don’t work) has stood in good stead and helped benchmark the deliverables with some of the best solution providers worldwide. Bala has a knack of seeing what the guy next cubicle can’t see in a zillion real life and real time situations. He focuses his razor sharp acumen for architecting an analysis superstructure from ground up and then handing over the curser to his corps of encoders to write the coda with a florish.

Thus, he has emerged as one of the few non-IT entrepreneurs in Chennai who continue to play a swashbuckling role by cutting a systemic swathe right across the field of boutique software development with great alacrity.

Bala, an avid cricketer and an amateur astronomer/stargazer, also serves as a creative director in an accredited Chennai based advertising agency that he helped co found in 2002.

Ramamoorthy Srinivasan

Ramamoorthy believes that form and function are equally essential to smart website designs and thus creates engaging templates that go beyond aesthetics making usability, information architecture and client’s marketing goals central to his creative process. An engineering grad, Ram has more than fifteen years of hands on experience in web technology and has successfully implemented digital data intensive projects for various business verticals. He also has a deep knowledge of networks- providing services from single site entrepreneurial start-ups to large Wide Area Networks. Ram is also perfectly at home with server hardware-.configuring for businesses- whether they require value, flexibility or a range of performance options. Whether they prefer multiple servers or want to pigeon hole limited square footage, high rise storage space infrastructure. His go big or go home mind set also allows him to blueprint and build ground up, high density computing infrastructure featuring the latest in high performance technologies. The ultimate Indian geek, Ram’s proficiency in operating systems, fluency in SED (Stream Editor) and grasp of cloud server technology has helped boost bottom lines of a plethora of businesses.


Srini displays an amazing aptitude for both money and business. Associates recount his uncanny ability to calculate columns of numbers off the top of his head – a feat he still amazes business colleagues with today. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with around 9 years of extensive experience. Having worked for the financial services industry in India, Singapore & the UAE, his knowledge and grasp of the game and the rules that govern it is in depth and always has a hedge to it, so to speak. Adept at Financial Planning and Analysis, he also has an uncanny ability to see intrinsic values in not-so-popular-yet corporate entities completely independent of their prevailing stock prices and forecast excellent investment banking opportunities. This savvy and affable number cruncher is also passionate about IT networking, VBA macros and user testing protocols. With his excellent communication skills Srini is a positive, confident and conscientious person with a great enthusiasm to receive, assimilate and evaluate information and provide robust solutions quickly.

Prakash Chandrasekar

Prakash is a innovative software industry die hard referred to as a developer icon- who extols and educates the world on how to provide the perfect program and back it up with the requisite database expertise. He passionately shares his visions as an active e-evangelist and is tapped as an expert source by the media on his insights in pioneering technologies, process redesign and development. His is a methodology that unites the often separate functions of software development and production and operations into a single, integrated, and continuous process. Prakash is naturally gifted with proactive forward thinking that gives him an edge when it comes to problem identification, research analysis and resolution by making sense of the outcome of erudite global e-explorations. He spearheads full line of sight life-cycles of project development, quality assurance that drives strong and sustainable gains in new technologies. His easy going nature combined with devastating domain knowledge leverages people, processes, and technology to stimulate collaboration and innovation across the entire software development and release process.